Johnny Edward has worked in the music business since first starting out as a lead guitarist with Davy Jones and the Manish Boys at the tender age of seventeen. When the group split, Davy metamorphosed into David Bowie.

John’s biggest success in the music industry was as producer, publisher and video director of the infamous Renée and Renato international number one chart topper, ‘Save Your Love’, (two million sales). The record was released on his own label, Hollywood Records, and was the first totally independent record to reach the coveted Christmas number one spot in the UK, being distributed by Pinnacle. He was also co-writer of the song with his wife, Sue.

Renée and Renato continued a successful career in Continental Europe and Australia, with a further 3 singles and two albums being released.  Even today ‘Save Your Love’ is much in demand for compilation albums in Europe and has recently been used in a TV ad in Scandinavia and a radio ad in the north of england.

He is the creator and voice of the robot Metal Mickey who starred in his own sitcom ‘Metal Mickey’ which was shown on the ITV Television Network with some 39 shows to his credit on the 12 million rated show (Jictar). The character was so successful that, even now, the name Metal Mickey is synonymous with robots.

John has had a long and varied career.  He was editor and space salesman of his own magazine, Beat ’64, and was among the first breed  of pirate Deejays on Big ‘L’ (Radio London). 

His earliest success as an A&R man was with a small label, King Records, who attracted the major Canadian group Guess Who? John’s co-production only dented the chart at 45, but left him with a taste for production, after which started his own company as a manager, agent and publisher.

As an independent record producer, he notched up thirty single releases on most major labels and three albums including the cult blues albums ‘Killing Floor’ and ‘Out Of Uranus’ by Killing Floor. He also published ‘Pepperbox’ by the Peppers which charted at number five and was manager/agent of Edison Lighthouse, whom he led to a number one hit with ‘Love Grows Where My Rosemary Goes.’ produced by Tony McCauley. 

He then gave birth to Hollywood Studios, one time breeding ground of Dire Straits, Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, The Crusaders, plus Heavy Metal band Iron Maiden. After the enormous success of ‘Save Your Love’, he transformed the rehearsal suite into an Eastlake designed quality 24 track recording studio which spawned S-Express, Bomb The Bass, and early Pete Waterman production work etc.,

Forced to sell the studios in the recession, John was retrained by a leading radio station in modern broadcasting techniques and appeared on various strip shows under diverse pseudonyms. 

Several years of running a small radio studio followed, where he taught broadcasting and whose edict was to turn ‘deejays into broadcasters’ in a series of two day courses.  

Johnny achieved a cult following for his early production work when Tenth Planet Records released a limited collectors edition of some of his early work for many of the major labels​.

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