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A primitive society 3000 years in the future meet human looking robots whose intention is to educate them. They discover the vault where the robots patiently wait to come alive as the programme counts down. Young Mary falls in love with MEKAM (Minder, Earth's Knowledge and Music). He worries he may have to be more of an Ordinary Bloke to win her love. He needn't have worried! She finds the historical clothes in the time capsule and the Medieval Society begin wearing them. They develop a taste for the good life, until... (Lookout for the novel of Earthday 3000, soon to be published on Amazon Kindle)

A rich guy who turns into werewolf on a monthly basis, he seeks true love to free him from this curse… He gets more than he bargained for!

Our hero is bashed on the bonce and imagines he is making a video in Hawaii - especially for Simon Cowell!

The MobPol (Mobile Phone Police) are out seeking mobile phone users... They zap them, leaving the users bewildered.

All of our tickets are available for purchase at the door, either on the day of or three days before the show date.

This is the only venue in town where you can catch the best blues, rock, pop, and ska shows. We have incredible artists appearing in the coming months.